Rent a car on Cyprus

Rent a car on Cyprus

Did you know that Cyprus is a city which emerged from the sea some 20 million years ago? That’s why it is also known as an ophiolite, as such cities are given the name. Cyprus is also a city with tales of sin from Agia Napa, some hidden treasures, both man-made as well as natural, and an experience which subtly combines the culture of the East and the West. Given so much on offer in the place, the city is best experienced at leisure. That’s why, you are better off on your own here than depend on buses, trains or other means of public transport. Precisely for that reason we offer you trustworthy car rental options so that you can enjoy the city to its full potential.

Here is a ready Cyprus guide for you while you rent a car on Cyprus from us- the places you should visit and the kind of hotels available here.


Agia Napa- This is where all the sin or fun happens in the city. This is a town where you will find plenty of nightclubs, and people dancing on the street at night; and these are quietly flanked by natural vegetation, a medieval monastery, interesting rock formations and so much more. The place also hosts a cultural festival every year in September which is an experience in itself. There is a lot more to be explored in this mysterious town of Cyprus which comes with its baggage of fascinating folklores, and all that is best enjoyed with trustworthy Ayia Napa car rental services, something which we can help you out with.

Paphos (Pafos) - Paphos is the place to be for all those seeking the mysterious tales of the Aphrodite. The place was once a pilgrimage center in Roman times, with the Sanctuary of the Aphrodite and the Adonis Falls as its major tourist attraction. There is also a bird and animal park for those wanting to explore the animal life of the place.Paphos airport car hire


Larnaca- This sleepy little town in Cyprus is home to some of the most stunning beaches. It also has some fascinating churches belonging to the yore, a couple of museums and vistas that only few places can match. This town is best explored at leisure, something which our cheap car hire options can help you achieve.
Lemesos- This is the Cyprus town where the Eastern and Western influences come together in unison. From plenty of shops, restaurants and cabarets lining the street to some cultural influences from the East, this place has plenty to offer to the discerning tourist. Of course, wives may be a little wary of the place, given its reputation of a “sex town.”  Book Larnaca hotels online.

Larnaca airport rent a car.

Hotels - From the exquisite and the luxurious such as The Hilton to the quaint and cozy, such as the Cleopatra hotel, accommodation in Cyprus come in all shapes and sizes. All the major towns in the city boast of comfortable accommodations that are an experience in itself. Be it the historical town of Nicosia, the fun town of Agia Napa or other major destinations in Cyprus, you would always find good hotels to stay in.

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And guess what, our car rental services serve all the major towns of the city. Whether you are looking for cheap car hire options or some luxurious choices, you can always find a car that fits your choice. Our rent a car service has the luxurious, the economical as well as the cheap. Just pick your option and you can be rest assured that your trip to Cyprus would be one of the best you have ever had. 

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