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Maxi Car Hire blog

Alicante easy car hire

Alicante, originally known as Lucentum, which translates to “City of Lights”, is a Spanish town which boasts of fantastic beaches, amazing weather, adventure sports and a whole lot more. And as with every other Spanish destination, there are entertainment options and nightlife galore in Alicante too. This Spanish town, which lies on the coast of Costa Blanca, has a dependable public transport system too. ...

Car hire in Party Capital of the World- Ibiza

Ibiza is the place where party goers converge every year to spend some memorable time on this Spanish island. Ibiza, home to some of the best DJs around the world, is right called the party capital of the world. But apparently, there is more to Ibiza than its scintillating parties and crazy music. There is water sports, adventure, shopping and a whole lot more to be explored on this island. ...

Cheap car hire in Mallorca

Spain is often associated with pretty beaches and scintillating parties that go on throughout the night. While Mallorca does retain those quintessential Spanish characteristics, there is more to Mallorca than its nightlife. And to explore all that, the best way is to opt for car rental services in the city. Although the city does have its share of trains and buses, their frequency cannot be trusted at times. As for the taxis, they can be too heavy on your pocket. With car rental, you get the best of both worlds- convenient travel at your own pace at value for money prices. ...

Maxi Car Hire blog